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Portugal’s Economy Is Strong and Government Stable

Portugal’s Economy Is Strong and Government Stable

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Before investing in a foreign country, it’s critical for investors to do their due diligence, researching that nation’s economic condition, political and social stability, and the soundness of its financial institutions.

According to a recent report from Washington, DC, conservative think tank the Heritage  Foundation, Portugal has a relatively high freedom score and sits among the top half of the European countries in categories that include its economy, political stability, rule of law, and government efficiency.

Investors seeking to place their funds in Portuguese businesses, real estate, and other capital investments can rest assured that the country offers one of the soundest places for investment in all of Europe.

Leading Indicators

Portugal’s property rights score is well above the world average in categories like property rights, judicial effectiveness, and government integrity, according to the report. Investors typically seek out countries with solid fundamentals and a long track record of both political and social stability.

“Leading economic sectors include financial services, telecommunications, and a tourism industry that began to recover in 2021,” the report states. The foundation also acknowledged that despite  undergoing challenging economic adjustments — like all of Europe — Portugal has “sound institutional processes such as an efficient business framework and well-functioning judicial system.”

Post-Golden Visa

Although Portugal recently announced that it was ending its innovative and inviting Golden Visa program, the country remains one of the best nations in the European Union for investment growth. The program, which ran from 2012 until just a few weeks ago, was widely acclaimed as a rousing success, attracting more than 12,000 investors to the country’s booming economic growth.

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