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Visitors to Portugal Never Want to Leave

Visitors to Portugal Never Want to Leave

ponta delgada 1

ponta delgada 1

Have you ever had the experience of visiting a new place and instantly falling in love with it? That’s exactly what happens when many people visit Portugal for the first time.

Portugal has the best Europe has to offer: Great weather, scenic natural beauty, bustling cosmopolitan cities, and warm and friendly people. So it’s no wonder that once you visit Portugal for the first time, you will quickly start planning how to stay longer — or even live there permanently!

Relocation, Retirement, and Investment

For older visitors, retiring in Portugal is a realistic option. Portugal’s innovative and inviting Golden Visa program offers one of the fastest and most reliable ways to gain full-time residency or even permanent European citizenship. Imagine spending your Golden Years exploring Portugal’s rich history and intriguing culture. Or enjoy the nightly sunsets as you luxuriate in your affordable oceanfront home.

For remote workers, Portugal’s sta-of-the-art technical infrastructure offers high-speed internet and reliable connectivity wherever you are, from the center of a big city like Porto or Lisbon to the most remote village or country crossroads.

For investors, Portugal’s growing economic opportunities are among the best in Europe, or even the world, as the country experienced unprecedented growth. Buy a business, your own, or invest in rental properties and reap the profits of your investment as you enjoy the best Portugal has to offer.

Stay Here Forever

Portugal has been compared to California in terms of its weather, economy, and significance to the rest of Europe. But unlike the Golden State, living and working in Portugal puts you only hours away from places like Paris, Berlin, or Rome by car or by train. Imagine taking off on a weekday afternoon to visit Barcelona, or jetting off to Greece for the weekend.

Once you see Portugal, you are going to fall in love with the country and never want to leave. BRINT Portugal can help make your dreams of living, loving, and thriving here a reality.

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