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California Living Without the Hassle

California Living Without the Hassle



Everybody wants to retire to places like Southern California or Florida. Until they actually live there, that is, and discover the high costs, the crowds, and worst of all the traffic.

But now you can retire someplace with a comparable climate and many of the same amenities, but at a fraction of the cost and without having to compete with millions of other people. Portugal is Europe’s best kept retirement secret, offering year-round warm weather, hundreds of miles of beaches, and plenty of room to live your life in comfort and security.

European Lifestyle

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula, just to the west of Spain, and most of its western and southern borders face the ocean. So finding a spacious beachfront property for your retirement isn’t only practical, but also affordable. Plus, Portugal is part of the European Union, so once you gain Portuguese residency or citizenship, you are free to travel to more than 50 other E.U. countries without need for a passport or visa.

Getting around Europe is a lot easier than traveling within the US or Canada. Train service is not only cheap but goes practically everywhere. So you can visit places like Rome, Berlin, Paris, or even Athens anytime you want, even if it’s just for the weekend.

Low Cost, High Value

Your retirement budget goes a lot farther in Portugal. The cost of living is significantly lower and housing costs are a fraction of what they are in the US. Most people who choose to retire in Portugal can often buy a bigger and better property — and in a more desirable location such as the beach or mountains — for the same money that they sold their US home.

So if you ‘ve always dreamed of retiring to Southern California or Florida, consider Portugal where you can enjoy the same benefits with less hassle and at a much lower cost.

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