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Cost of Living Significantly Lower in Portugal

Cost of Living Significantly Lower in Portugal


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If you are considering retiring or relocating to Europe and you want your money to go as far as possible, consider moving to Portugal. The Old World country on the Iberian Peninsula has one of the lowers costs of living in all of Europe.

In fact, outside of the country’s biggest city, Lisbon, most couples can live comfortably for as little as $2,500 to $3,000 per month. Try doing that anywhere in the US, Canada, the UK, or other places without having to live on a tight budget!

Significant Savings

Everything in Portugal is probably much cheaper than what you currently pay. In fact, most people who move to Portugal from a big to medium-sized city find that they spend between 33% to 50% less than they currently spend in their home countries for things like rent, food, and transportation. If you move to Portugal from a rural area of your home country, you may find the cost of living is about the same but the quality of life is significantly better.

For example, healthcare in Portugal costs a lot less than it does in the US. In fact, all residents of Portugal have access to both the free public healthcare system and a low-cost private system where many medical professionals speak English.

Expect More, Pay Less

Right now, the rent on a two-bedroom apartment in one of Portugal’s interior towns or medium-sized cities starts as low as $450/month. In Lisbon, which is like the New York City of Portugal, a furnished one-bedroom can be found for around $1,000/month. See how far that gets you in Manhattan!

You’ve worked too hard to spend your retirement worrying about your finances. Move to Portugal, Europe’s safest and most stable country, and enjoy a luxurious, comfortable retirement in a country where your money goes much, much farther.

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