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Visit Portugal Once and You’ll See …

Visit Portugal Once and You’ll See …



For many people, Portugal is Europe’s best-kept secret. Maybe it’s because it’s tucked away in the southwest corner of the continent. Or perhaps it doesn’t get the same attention in the movies and TV as places like Paris, Berlin, or Rome.

But for those who know about it, Portugal is irresistible. And once you visit Portugal for the first time, you will definitely fall in love with the place. And start plotting how you can spend more time there, maybe even permanently.

Portuguese Charms

Perhaps one of the reasons why Portugal is so appealing is exactly because it’s not as popular as more high-profile countries like France, Italy, Germany, and even Spain. Portugal is out of the way, yes, but it enjoys a sun-basked climate and miles and miles of beaches.

Plus, its biggest cities aren’t that big. And they aren’t crowded with hordes of tourists all the time. In fact, you can spend entire days in the most popular places in Lisbon and Porto and never see another tourist. Instead, you can blend in with the locals and enjoy the culture, history, and joy for life that native Portuguese take for granted every day of their lives.

BRINT Portugal

Visit Portugal once and you will see what other people have known for years: Portugal offers the best of Europe with none of the disadvantages of more popular places like Paris, Rome or Athens.

Instead of traffic jams, you’ll find passionate people, mouth-watering food, and rich culture and history. Instead of crowded tourist attractions, you will find spacious beaches with plenty of sunshine. And rather than overpriced tourist trap restaurants and attractions, you will discover an abundance of castles, ruins, and museums that you may have mostly to yourself.

Last but not least, you will find Portuguese people who are genuinely happy to see you and welcoming to outsiders.

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