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Portuguese Food Is Uniquely Delicious

Portuguese Food Is Uniquely Delicious



You hear a lot about French food. And certainly Italian. Even German. But why isn’t the same attention paid to Portuguese food?

It should be. Because Portuguese food is uniquely delicious, featuring the freshest of ingredients grown or harvested locally. And unlike many other cuisines, Portuguese dishes aren’t usually slathered in sauces or overwhelmed with spices. Instead, the freshness of each ingredient is allowed to speak for itself.

Best Cod in Europe – Food

No discussion of food in Portugal gets very far without the mention of cod, or Bacalhau as it is known locally. Because of its location jutting out into the sea, Portugal’s fascination with cod comes as no surprise. But the frequency with which it is featured in Portuguese dishes can be astonishing to outsiders.

In Portugal, cod isn’t even considered a fish. Instead, it is given its own category: There is poultry, meat, and seafood, and then there is cod/Bacalhau.

Another ingredient found in practically every meal is olive oil. Because the country’s soil is ideal for olive trees — and the fact that they have been growing there for thousands of years — it comes as no surprise that fresh, fragrant olive oil is used in everything from salads to stir fry to simply dipping bread.

Other Food Portuguese Favorites

Like Italian food, onions and garlic play a key role in Portuguese cuisine. But unlike pastas and pizzas, traditional food in Portugal doesn’t rely on condiments, tons of cheese, or heavy sauces.

Instead, people in Portugal appreciate flavors presented simply, healthily, and often on their own. Like other Mediterranean countries, Portugal’s main diet depends a lot on the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish (and cod, of course), and olive oil.

Portuguese food may not get as much international attention as the cuisines of other nations. But for the people who live there, it’s simply the best!

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