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‘Do I Need a New Smartphone When I Arrive in Portugal?’

‘Do I Need a New Smartphone When I Arrive in Portugal?’



People who travel to Europe from the United States and other countries are often surprised to learn that their smartphones work flawlessly once they land in Portugal or other European countries. Most modern smartphones — ie. Apple iPhone 7 or higher — include technology that is compatible with Europe’s mobile infrastructure.

But if you are planning on staying in Portugal for a long time, you may want to consider getting a new SIM card for your smartphone and opening an account with a European phone service provider.

Cost and Efficiency

While your American smartphone will probably work in Europe, your carrier likely will be charging you international rates every time you use it. These are typically higher than your normal rates and generally are outside and in addition to your normal coverage package.

Getting a local SIM card not only will give you a European phone number but can also save you a lot of money — especially if you use your phone a lot (like most people) or plan on staying in Portugal for a long time. It’s also a good idea to get a phone charger that is compatible with European electricity standards. Although Apple has committed to making American and European phones compatible in the future, for right now your American charger may not work everywhere.

BRINT Portugal

At BRINT Portugal, we understand how important people’s smartphones are to their everyday lives. That’s why a new SIM card is one of the things included in your welcome package that we present to you when you arrive. Now you never have to worry about missing a call, text, or access to your favorite website once you land in Portugal.

Adjusting to your new life in Portugal doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Whether you are moving here for business, retirement, or pleasure, BRINT Portugal is on hand to ease your transition and make your new life her more comfortable and easier.

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