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Finding a New Home in Portugal Made Easy

Finding a New Home in Portugal Made Easy



If you are moving to Portugal for retirement, relocation, or to start a business, one of the hardest parts is finding a place to live. When you reside in another country, looking for a new house, apartment, or condo can be really hard if you don’t have the time or ability to look for yourself in person.

Fortunately, BRINT Portugal has you covered. One of the many relocation services we offer is helping people find a new place to live in Portugal. If you give us the basic information about what you are looking for, we can do the research, find places that meet your criteria, and even do on-site visits for you.

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All you need to do is provide us with a general outline of what you are looking for. A house, condo, townhouse, or rental property? How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you need? What city or area will you be moving to? Do you have any special needs or requests, such as a home with a wheelchair ramp or a swimming pool?

Our team of experienced, professional home finders can then take that information and quickly come up with a list of potential properties. Then, if you want, we can go and visit some of these properties and see if they all of your criteria. We can even include on streaming video so you can see for yourself what the best candidates have to offer.

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Then, when you decide on a property you like, we can negotiate a price or lease on your behalf. We can even work with local banks to get you a mortgage or home loan and participate in the closing on your behalf — all while constantly keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.

Finding a new place to live in Portugal doesn’t have to be difficult when BRINT Portugal is on your side.


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