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It’s No Secret: Portugal Has the Best Food in Europe

It’s No Secret: Portugal Has the Best Food in Europe

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Outside of Europe, Portuguese food doesn’t get a lot of attention. But those in the know understand that the food in Portugal is the best in Europe if not the entire world.

Now that may sound subjective, but it’s not. The food in Portugal is made with the freshest ingredients that are found locally, creating the closest thing to “farm to table” that the world has to offer. And its culinary professionals are nothing short of genius, creating lively, flavorful dishes that delight the palette while simultaneously inspiring the soul.

While the rest of the world may not know about Portuguese cooking, the locals know that our culinary creations are the best in the world.

Geographic Advantage

One of the biggest reasons food in Portugal is so delicious has to do with where the country is located. The country is surrounded on two sides by the ocean. So its access to fresh seafood is legendary.

But it doesn’t stop there. Portugal also enjoys a temperate climate, which means a longer growing season than most of the rest of Europe. There also are a fortunate combination of fertile valleys and sloping mountainsides that are ideal for growing everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to raising cattle and other livestock.

Eating in Portugal

The result is a culinary adventure that can’t be found anywhere else. Unlike most of the rest of Europe — and the world — people in Portugal don’t eat a lot of processed foods. They don’t have to! There are so many amazingly fresh ingredients available all year round that there’s no reason to take shortcuts with nature.

It’s no secret: Portugal has some of the best food to be found anywhere. Find out for yourself. Come visit Portugal and you will be convinced: It’s like no place else in the world when it comes to delicious food.

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