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Start New Holiday Traditions in Portugal

Start New Holiday Traditions in Portugal



When people move to another place, one of the hardest things is letting go of all their old holiday traditions. Through the years, they often build up decades worth of holiday routines, celebrations, and special events that are difficult to leave behind.

But when you move to Portugal for retirement, relocation, or for business, there already are many centuries worth of holiday traditions that you can enjoy and make part of your family’s holiday celebrations moving forward. And while they may seem unusual or different at first, because the Portuguese people are so warm and welcoming, you will soon feel as if you have been celebrating Christmas in Portugal your whole life.

Portugal Holiday Traditions

In Portugal, Christmas isn’t celebrated only on one single day like it usually is in the US and other countries. Instead, the party starts on Christmas Eve, continues into Christmas Day, and continues for many days into the new year.

Traditionally, the last celebration of the Christmas season doesn’t come until January 6. And the days in between are filled with food, love, and family.

One of the mainstays of nearly every Portuguese holiday celebration is cod. It’s an important staple throughout the year, but during the Christmas season cod is prepared in many different ways and served with practically every meal.

BRINT Portugal

At BRINT Portugal, we help make people feel at home all year round — but especially during the holiday season. If this is your first Christmas in Portugal, we can offer advice, tips, and instructions on how to make the most of your Christmas season. We’re excited for you because we know the traditions you begin in Portugal will last a lifetime.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the holiday traditions you enjoyed your entire life. But when you embrace the culture and celebrations of Christmas in Portugal, you will come to cherish them just as much.

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