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It’s True: Life Moves a Little Slower in Portugal

It’s True: Life Moves a Little Slower in Portugal

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People in Portugal walk a little slower, linger over miles a little longer, and generally spend more time appreciating the finer things in life. While there are still robust, active cities like Porto and Lisbon, even there life moves at a little more leisurely pace.

For some people visiting Portugal for the first time, slowing down can be a little jarring, even frustrating. But eventually, over time, most come to appreciate the benefits of the Portuguese tendency towards slowing down time and appreciating things more.

Portugal’s Serenity

People in Portugal don’t move slower than their counterparts in other European countries out of spite or because they’re lazy. Indeed, Portugal has one of the highest standards of living and the lowest unemployment rates on the continent. Instead, it’s because the Portuguese have a reputation for enjoying life more.

Meals in Portugal come later in the day and last longer than they do in other places. Vacations are longer and more relaxing. Even everyday activities like shopping or commuting to work are done in a more laid-back, leisurely way.  It’s because Portuguese people take the time to appreciate what they are experiencing, whether it’s a good meal, a sunset, or simply chatting with friends or even strangers.

BRINT Portugal

It can be hard to explain how satisfying and relaxing everyday living is in Portugal. It’s really something you have to experience for yourself. Once you do, you will understand immediately why so many people fall in love with the Portuguese lifestyle and seek ways to move here permanently.

At BRINT Portugal, we can help you realize your dream of slowing down and appreciating everyday living more in sunny Portugal. Our job is to help people just like you discover the unique benefits of Portuguese living. Then helping you become part of the community here.

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