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Moving Can Be Hard on Children

Moving Can Be Hard on Children

Below view of a family moving into new home.

Below view of a family moving into new home.

Moving to a new home can be difficult for everybody. But it can be especially hard for children. When they have to leave behind their friends, their school, and everything they are used to, it can be scary and frustrating. And when their family is moving to an entirely new country, it can be even more traumatic.

Fortunately, BRINT Portugal has the resources and the experience to ease your children’s transition to their new life here. We can help you find the best schools, research daycare programs and activities, and even help your children get accustomed to Portuguese culture and language long before moving day.

Easing the Transition

Over time, your children will come to love and appreciate their new life in Portugal as much or more than they did back home. But during those first few weeks and months, there’s going to be a lot to get used to in their new home country.

BRINT Portugal has helped dozens of families acclimate to their new lives by offering many different options that keep kids busy, distracted, and engaged in their new environment. Before they know it, your children will be thinking of Portugal as their permanent home, making friends and being active participants in their new community.

BRINT Portugal

Kids want and need structure in their lives. At BRINT Portugal, we can help your children get settled in their new school — in English or a combination of Portuguese and English — and offer you a variety of afterschool programs to help them meet and interact with other children their age, and even give you ideas about how to explore your new country on weekends and holidays.

Most children get used to wherever they are living. But with the help of BRINT Portugal, your children’s transition to their new life will be faster, easier, and more seamless.



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