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US Residents Adjust Quickly to Portuguese Transportation

US Residents Adjust Quickly to Portuguese Transportation

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Getting around in Portugal is just as easy, if not simpler, than transportation in the US. Major cities like Lisbon and Porto have modern, convenient public transportation systems, including buses and subways. But even smaller cities and towns usually have public buses that make it easy to get around.

Many Americans moving to Portugal discover that there is less reason to rely on a car for your everyday travel. Many Portuguese people use cheap, comfortable, and safe public transportation.

And moving between cities is fast and easy with Portugal’s train system, the star of which is the Portuguese Alfa Pendular bullet train system that links Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, Braga, and even distant Faro at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour.

Getting a Driver’s License

If you insist on driving, Americans now have up to two years to exchange their US driver’s license for a Portuguese license. It formerly was just three months but the law changed in January 2020.

Driving isn’t as common in Portugal, especially outside the big cities. Many newcomers discover they don’t need a car all the time. Trains are much more convenient and often cheaper and faster. You can always simply get a rental car you want to travel overland through the countryside or for an important trip.

Inter-European Travel

Once you are in Portugal, it is much easier to get anywhere in Europe than it is from place to place in the United States. For one thing, everyplace is considerably closer. For another, Europe has intricate and efficient air and rail systems that make connections between practically anywhere fast and simple.

All of Portugal’s major cities have airports that connect to the major European continental hubs like Paris, Athens, Rome, Berlin, and even London. Lightning-fast bullet trains are also widely available.

Getting around in Portugal is much faster, cheaper, and simpler than it is in the US. To learn more about the benefits of relocating or retiring to Portugal, ask the experts at BRINT Portugal.

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