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Affordable Beach Living in The Algarve

Affordable Beach Living in The Algarve

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Of all the places to relocate or retire in Portugal, perhaps the sun-soaked beach region of The Algarve has the most to offer English-speaking ex-patriots.

The Algarve — the name of the entire southern region of Portugal — features hundreds of miles of pristine sandy beaches, hidden rocky coves, and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

For the past several decades, it has attracted visitors from across the US and Britain. As a result, English is now spoken by at least 90 percent of the population.

World Golf Mecca

Besides not having a language barrier, The Algarve region also offers some of the best golf outside of Scotland. With dozens of world-class courses, each more scenic and outstanding than the one before, it could take years for you to complete them all.

The Algarve also is a tourist destination that features miles and miles of bright, shiny, and brand-new European-style hotels and resorts that attract visitors from all over the world. It’s almost as if Miami Beach relocated to the southern coast of Europe.

The Algarve is a large region, so there are plenty of options for renting or buying real estate. The biggest city is Faro, which also is where the central international airport is located. But smaller, yet no less romantic, towns like Portimao, Lagos, and Tavira dot the coastline and hillsides.

Low Cost of Living

Perhaps the biggest attraction of The Algarve to outsiders is its affordability. People from the US, Canada, South Africa, or other places are often amazed at the luxurious quality of life they can enjoy in The Algarve for far less than they currently spend. A retired couple, for example, can easily live in spacious comfort for only about £1,200 per month.

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