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Ease Your Transition into Portuguese Living

Ease Your Transition into Portuguese Living


Moving is never easy. But moving to a new country where you may be unfamiliar with the geography, culture, and even the language can be particularly challenging.

Yet moving to Portugal also can be endlessly rewarding. Unlike many European countries, Portugal is inviting toward outsiders seeking to relocate inside its borders. And once you make the decision to relocate or retire there, there’s a whole team of people ready to help make your move easy, efficient, and even fun.

Help Finding a Home

BRINT Portugal does just one thing: Help people just like you begin a new life in the country many consider to be Europe’s “best-kept secret”. The people of Portugal are warm, friendly, and inviting. And your team of transition professionals can help you make the adjustment to European living both simple and enjoyable — starting with finding a new place to live.

The professionals at BRINT Portugal will help you find a new home to purchase or rent. Now you don’t have to worry about trying to navigate an often confusing and challenging real estate market in a foreign nation because you already have people in-country who are looking out for your best interests.

Before you even arrive, we can provide you with a wide variety of options within your price range in whichever city or town you choose.

Acclimating to the Culture

But we can do more than just help you find a new place to live. We also can guide you through the visa application process, paving the way for permanent residency or even citizenship. At BRINT Portugal, we are the Portuguese Golden Visa Program experts, offering advice and guidance to simplify and speed up the process toward your ultimate goal.

There’s a lot to look forward to when moving to Portugal. It’s good to know that BRINT Portugal is always in your corner.


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