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Porto Lives Up to Your European Fantasies

Porto Lives Up to Your European Fantasies

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When many people imagine a typical European city, they envision a wave of red-tiled houses gently escalating down a hillside towards a picturesque bay filled with rustic fishing vessels and other boats. What they see is actually Porto, Portugal’s fourth-largest city.

Porto is famous for its wine, which is what makes it a popular tourist destination for Europeans and Americans alike. In fact, the city’s Porto wine industry is one of the leading tourism attractions in the entire country.

But as people from Porto like to say, “Come for the wine, stay for the culture and beauty.”

Living in Porto

People from the US, Canada, and elsewhere are moving to Porto for relocation or retirement in increasing numbers. For one thing, it’s familiar. Those who visit Porto in the past and admire its natural beauty, stunning architecture, and fascinating culture and history often fantasize about moving back there permanently.

From a financial perspective, moving to Porto makes sense. While it’s not Portugal’s cheapest city to live in, Porto isn’t nearly as costly as places like Lisbon, Cascais, or Oeiras. In fact, the median rental value per square meter is only 8.93€, which is higher than less popular places but still significantly less expensive than most big US cities.

Portugal’s Most Scenic City?

Porto is visually spectacular wherever you go. The central Douro River that flows between the sloping hills is frequently dotted with cruise ships and other vessels. And as you move further away from the central portion of the city, you will find the vast, verdant vineyards of Douro Valley where the grapes that are used to make Port wine are grown.

People looking to move to Porto have lots of options, from the bustling central cathedral district lined with narrow streets to the Vila Nova de Gaia, a more laid back neighborhood on the other side of the river. Want ocean views? The view from Foz do Douro rival anything in Europe or the US.

Two other things to know about Porto: There are lots of hills so get ready to build strength and endurance quickly just by walking around. Also, Porto has one of the best food cultures in the world, although not as celebrated as flashier European cities.

Porto has lots to offer people looking to relocate or retire in Portugal. Come discover it for yourself!


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