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What If Buying Property Overseas Wasn’t Complicated?

What If Buying Property Overseas Wasn’t Complicated?


People who visit Portugal often find it hard to leave. Once they see the country’s natural beauty, experience its history and culture, and are charmed by its friendly and inviting people, they often start thinking, “Hey, what if we moved here permanently?”

But often this idea is dismissed because the thought of trying to find property overseas and arrange for its purchase from another country is daunting. But what if it wasn’t?

Your Portuguese Representative

One of the many services BRINT Portugal offers its clients is finding real estate, negotiating a fair price, and closing the deal. Because we operate in-country, we understand the intricacies of the Portuguese real estate market. We are constantly on the lookout for the best properties, especially those in the finest areas that have the best prices.

So when our overseas clients inquire about potential homes or businesses available in Portugal, we always have a list of possibilities. If you don’t want to travel to tour the property in person, we can arrange for a virtual tour. Then we can negotiate on your behalf to get the best price — all while keeping you in the loop 100 percent of the time.

The BRINT Difference

Buying real estate in Portugal when you live somewhere else doesn’t have to be prohibitively complicated. Instead, it’s something BRINT Portugal does for its clients all the time. Plus, once you have found a place you love, BRINT Portugal can help you apply for the Golden Visa that allows you to become a permanent resident or even citizen of Portugal in as little as a few years.

At BRINT Portugal, we understand how easy it is to fall in love with this country. After all, we fell in love with it ourselves. So we have made it our mission to help people just like you realize your dream of living, thriving, and loving your new life in Portugal.

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