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Get Closer to Your Family in Portugal

Get Closer to Your Family in Portugal

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Like just about every European country, Portugal experienced a mass exodus of people during the early 20th Century. Families split up as many Portuguese people sought a better life in places like the US, Brazil, and elsewhere.

Today, however, fractured families are renewing contact with long-lost relatives and distant cousins living abroad. Some have rediscovered each other through the rise in popularity in mass-market DNA testing. Others have kept in touch with family through the years over long distances.

Moving to Portugal

Today, many people are choosing to return to Portugal to live closer to their families and restore long-lost family ties.

At BRINT Portugal, we rejoice in bringing families back together, especially those that may have been separated for generations due to war, economic catastrophe, and emigration to other countries. We can help guide you through the visa application process so you can live and work in Portugal and rebuild ties with your family even all these many years later.

Families Matter

We believe there is nothing — NOTHING — more important than family. That’s why it’s so important that families that have been scattered throughout the globe over the years find their way back to each other.

BRINT Portugal is happy to help you find your roots in Portugal. We can navigate the visa application process, search for homes, and even act as your representative in the real estate transaction process. We’ll even meet you at the airport and give you a tour of your new home in Portugal.

But most importantly, we can help reconnect you with your family. And there’s nothing more important than that.

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