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Your Representative on the Ground in Portugal

Your Representative on the Ground in Portugal



There is a lot that goes into moving to Portugal for relocation, retirement, or even just buying a vacation home here. It begins with the government bureaucracy, continues with finding the ideal property, and ends with doing all the little things to make your new life as normal as possible: Like opening a bank account, finding a new school for your kids, and even locating the best local market or grocery store to buy food and supplies.

All of that can be next to impossible to do when you live thousands of miles away across an entire ocean or on the other side of the planet. What you need is somebody right there in Portugal looking out for your best interests every step of the way. What you need is BRINT Portugal.

BRINT Portugal

At BRINT Portugal, we have built our business model on being the local representative in-country for people just like you as you plan for your move to your new home. Now you don’t have to relearn everything you need to know in order to have a normal life because we already have nearly all the answers. And those we don’t have, we can find out for your from Portugal rather than your trying to figure it out online or through the mail.

We can be your representative in dealing with the government, help you find real estate, and even open bank accounts and enter into home buying contracts for you. We are always here to answer questions and settle your concerns. And we will even be the first people to greet you when you finally arrive in your new home country.

Friends in Portugal

Most importantly, we want to be your friends in Portugal, the people you can rely on to help streamline the transition into your new life.

If you have been considering retiring, relocating, or purchasing a vacation property in Portugal, BRINT Portugal can help.

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