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You Don’t Have to Leave Your Pets Back Home

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Pets Back Home



When people from other countries move to Portugal for retirement, relocation, or to launch a business, one of the first concerns they have is whether or not they can bring their pets with them.

The answer is “yes” but there are a lot of regulations and hoops to jump through before your pet will be allowed to join you in your new home. Fortunately, BRINT Portugal is experienced at navigating the “pet passport” system and can streamline the process so you never have to miss a moment with “man’s best friend”.

Pet Regulations

So Portugal will allow people traveling there from other places to bring dogs, cats, and even ferrets into the country as long as they are microchipped and show proof of vaccination against rabies and other common animal diseases.

But there are often waiting periods, timetables, and other complications to deal with. For example, if your pet has received a rabies shot prior to getting microchipped, it must receive another booster after chipping in order to qualify for entry. And if you are traveling from a country with a high rate of rabies, there is an additional 30-day waiting period after the vaccination. If there are other issues, your pet may require a quarantine of up to 3 three months.

BRINT Portugal

That’s too long to wait to be reunited with your pet. That’s why you should let BRINT Portugal help you with the pet passport process. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable immigration experts can explain to you the best path to entry for your to minimize the amount of time you spend apart. In many cases, BRINT Portugal can arrange it so that you travel with your pet and arrive in our new home together.

People love their pets. BRINT Portugal helps keep pet owners and their loved ones together.

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