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Portugal Still an Inviting Option for Expatriots

Portugal Still an Inviting Option for Expatriots

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Last year, Portugal ended its Golden Visa program which made it easier for people from other countries to move there. But Portugal remains one of the best places in Europe for outsiders to move into for retirement, relocation, or even as a vacation home.

For one thing, Portugal has more unspoiled beaches and warm weather than anywhere else in Europe. For another, its cities are vibrant, cosmopolitan, and alive with excitement and culture. Plus, the country has one of the lowest costs of living than anywhere else on the continent and it’s also one of the safest and most stable countries in the world.

More Benefits

Want more?  Okay, how about the fact that residents of Portugal enjoy free healthcare, free high-quality education at some of the best schools in Europe, and all the rights of benefits of every other member of the European Union, including unrestricted, visa-free access to all of the other member nations?

And that’s just the beginning. Portugal also has the best food, the finest wines including its famous Porto, and some of the most interesting and exciting clubs and resorts you will find anywhere. Then there’s the country’s rich history — it led the world in exploration and conquest — and its incredible cultural relevance.

BRINT Portugal

But there’s an even better reason to consider relocating to Portugal: You already have a friend there who can help ease the transition and get you settled here. BRINT Portugal has been helping people from the US, Canada, the UK, and other countries discover their new homes in Portugal for nearly a decade.

We can help you navigate the immigration process, find the local financial and legal experts you need, and even help you search for the perfect new home for you and your family. Start your new life in Portugal with the help of your friends, the experts at BRINT.

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