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Start the Process of Moving to Portugal with One Phone Call

Start the Process of Moving to Portugal with One Phone Call



We’ve seen it happen many times: A worker gets transferred to a new post in Portugal and panic sets in. How are they supposed to pull up stakes and move to a foreign country? What about their family? Where are they going to live? What if they don’t even speak the language?!

The first step is to stop. Take a deep breath. And don’t worry. Because BRINT Portugal already has you covered. With just one phone call, we can get the ball rolling, help you plan you and your family’s transition to your new life here, and answer many of the questions you are sure to have about moving here.

One Call Does It All

For one thing, all the things you are worrying about have already been considered and resolved by the relocation experts at BRINT Portugal. We already have the answers to things like immigration applications, legal requirements, where you should live, and even how to get your kids enrolled in English-speaking schools.

We’ve got the answers because we’ve already helped dozens of families just like yours discover the rich benefits of living and thriving in Portugal. It’s a wonderful country full of friendly, welcoming people who are eager to make you part of your new community.

BRINT Portugal

Getting transferred to a foreign assignment can be scary. But if you are headed to Portugal, you’ve already got the advantage of having BRINT Portugal on your side. We can help with just about every aspect of your move, including legal, financial, residential, and social concerns and questions.

So don’t panic. You have nothing to worry about when BRINT Portugal is on your side. With just one phone call, we can put your mind at ease, answer all of your questions, and start the process of transitioning you and your family to your new life in sunny Portugal.

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