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BRINT – Who We Are

BRINT – Who We Are

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At BRINT, we are realtors, immigration lawyers, project managers, and consultants. But we also are friends, neighbors, tour guides, and trusted advisors. We want to simplify the process of living in Portugal as a full-time resident with a path to permanent citizenship for our clients.

We want to make it easier for you and your family to make the most of your new life in Europe.

Our story may sound familiar. While some of us were born in Portugal, most of us traveled here as ex-patriots and fell in love with the country’s rich history, friendly and welcoming people, and fascinating culture and traditions.

We understand how hard the process of adapting to a new place can be. That’s why we want to give you a friendly, helping hand.

BRINT Portugal helps residents of the US, South Africa, and other places obtain a Portugal visa, which allows you to live and even work in Europe. We can help you navigate the process, facilitating the process with the necessary documentation, translation, and apostille to make your transition to your new life seamless and simple. We will even meet you at the airport on the day you arrive and will happily show you around your new home!

BRINT Portugal will be at your side during immigration interviews, assist you in finding the best real estate deal, and even assist in negotiations as your trusted advisor. We will be in your corner every step of the way.

We will watch out for you, keeping you from being steered toward leftover inventories and protect you from sellers only looking to score big commissions (a common practice here in Portugal). Instead, we will search for the best property for your specific needs. Then we will help you achieve your goals with minimal stress or obstructions.

To understand how we can ease you into your new life in Portugal, just listen to what some of our collaborators have to say.

“We left Hawaii for Portugal”

We arrived in the U.S. between 1998 and 2000. We opened our business there in 2001 and we still have it fully operational. We got married in Manhattan in 2001 and had our daughter in Honolulu in 2017. The US was our life, our home.

We immersed ourselves into the American culture and absorbed the US way of life. And through the years, we built many loving and lasting relationships and developed deep roots in our community.

When we first moved to the U.S. it was not easy. We felt homesick, we faced financial challenges, plus we had to deal with culture shock and language barriers. Thankfully, we quickly met many dear friends who helped us during those first couple of months.

What the experience taught us is that when you go through these types of struggle, you learn empathy. Now, because of our journey, we want to give back. We want to help other people moving to Portugal from the US and elsewhere to settle in — like helping their kids get registered in a new school; or taking care of contacting the utility companies. We can help with translation and even deal with landlords and rental companies.

A Personal Journey

So, here is our story: We spent 13 years in Florida, where most of our friends are and where our businesses are located. Then we pulled up stakes and moved to Hawaii where we lived in Waikiki for about a year and a half.

Then, when “we got pregnant”, we moved into a resort style condo called Kapilina Beach Homes. You can look it up and see the lifestyle we enjoyed there! It was truly a dream come true within an actual paradise.

You see, Hawaii just has this ‘aloha’ spirit in the air. And the weather is absolutely heavenly. The people are happy all the time. We really loved it. While enjoying life there, we built amazing friendships.

It was really awesome to watch the World Surf Competition Finals in person at Pipeline Beach literally right in our own backyard.

Hawaii vs Portugal

It’s hard to beat all of that, right? We are only telling you all of this just so you guys can compare that to our new life now, here in Portugal.

Okay, so Hawaii is genuinely amazing. But the reality is that it also is really isolated from the mainland US and the rest of the world. Traveling anywhere outside the islands is actually not very easy or affordable. Because of the distance and the cost, our families rarely visited us. And after a while you really can start to develop the symptoms of “island fever” people talk so much about: Isolation, loneliness, desperation to get back to the mainland.

Europe Just Outside Our Door

Maybe the one thing we love most about living in Portugal is the proximity to other countries, each of which has their own rich and unique history, art, architecture, and culture.

While each city in Portugal has its own charm, nice weather, and friendly, welcoming atmosphere, the rest of Europe is very nearby and it’s super easy to visit.

Last year alone we visited and stayed in each of these European cities:
Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Turin, and even St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps.

And when you live in Europe, travel here is incredibly affordable. For example, a recent direct flight to Italy cost us only €29 euros … roundtrip!

When you have a “green card” or citizenship in Portugal, you get free access to move around as much as you want in Europe’s Schengen Area, which includes practically the entire continent from Scandinavia to the Atlantic Ocean to the Baltics.

Our New Portugal Adventure

It’s the little things we appreciate most about our new life here.

For example, almost every month a lot of cities host street festivals. Like a medieval festival, we recently attended where the city decorates the streets so they look the way they did in the Middle Ages, which makes the castles look even more epic. There is one fair that has been going on every May since the 13th Century!

For Christmas, a lot of towns and villages host daily activities like ice skating parties and theme park attractions for kids.

One of our favorite experiences as a family is when we visited Lagos, which is on the Algarve. We and six family members rented a four-bedroom house near the beach for five days for less than €600.

Among the World’s Safest Countries

One thing you don’t have to worry about much in Portugal is crime. It was recently ranked one of the top three safest countries in the world – behind only Iceland and New Zealand. And violent crime is practically unknown here.

Portugal also was named 2020’s Best Place to Retire by an international magazine. And in 2019 it was awarded World’s Best Travel Destination.

We moved here from Hawaii, probably the world’s most famous paradise. So we can say with authority that the Algarve region of Portugal is the world’s best kept secret paradise, unadvertised.

For one thing, it’s a lot like home. Many Americans visit the Algarve and about 90% of the population speaks English. The whole place reminds us of the best parts of Florida, with its houses and towering palm trees. And the beach is world-class, which pristine sand, rocks, and absolutely breathtaking views.

Family Values

Okay, so Portugal has the most beautiful landscapes, a truly affordable cost of living, easy access to all of Europe, safety and security, a slow and peaceful pace, a rich culture and history, great food, world-famous wine. Anything else?

Actually, there’s one final thing I want to mention.

My mother, who is over 65, was able to join us in Portugal as a dependent under our visa without any issue. But that’s not all. Right now, in addition to my mother, my siblings, brother in law, and my nephews all live very close to us because Portugal’s immigration laws makes it easy for families to stay together as ex-pats.

Portugal is a welcoming country. We are so happy we made the decision to move here.

Oh, and remember how much we like watching surfing? Well, Portugal also hosts world-class surfing competitions and is known for having the world’s biggest waves, which are found in Nazareth, which is only about 30 minutes from our home.

Fast and Hassle-Free Visa

So now, helping other Americans settle into their new lives in Portugal isn’t just our job, it’s our goal. And it’s honestly a pleasure. Living in the US has helped us understand how much Americans appreciate their privacy. So we can give you the help you need while respecting your personal space.

The immigration lawyers, real estate brokers, and other professionals at BRINT Portugal are experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of Portuguese life and culture, including the real estate market. It is a street asset, you need to be on the ground to understand the local dynamics and what are the best investments. We have the experience and knowledge to evaluate the scenario, explain the options, and negotiate with transparency so we can help direct you to the best properties and investments.

BRINT Portugal are passionate about helping future ex-patriots just like you create a rich, rewarding new life for you and your family in Portugal. We look forward to showing you around!

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